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Originally Posted by turkman View Post
When you say binding issues, do you mean that the shocks are sticking? Sometimes all you have to do is remove an O-ring and it'll free up nicely. Hope that helps!

I can tell why you're pleased! As talon said, this just gets better and better with each new detail. There isn't much room for improvement from an aesthetic point of view!
Which O-ring do you remove? It does stick a bit ... hmmm.

The binding issue is that the Gelande chassis is set up to have a 11" wheelbase. I have moved links around to achieve a 10.25" wheelbase. Now, the "static" location of the steering servo was off. I had to change the direction of the horn (flip 180) not only for shortened wheelbase, but for the front bumper skid plate. So now the steering linkage binds with the front axle. It articulates very well, but equal compression (straight down) the horn stops on the axle housing.

I hope I am making sense. I do not know if a photo can clearly show the problem. This is something that I will just have to figure out.

Please do though let me know about the O-ring issue.

Thanks again!
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