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toyranosaur 07-30-2014 09:00 PM

Dang! No lights or LEDs, wonder where those will be available one day- Any out-of-US sources for this kinda stuff? Chris REC

Arcocustom 07-31-2014 01:44 AM

yeah. I checked the Kyosho USA site and they just had the items on the list I posted there. The bumper is nice. Got a Black Wing & Tub too. in Japan has some stuff.... mostly the same stuff (in-stock) though I think. There is a bunch of option parts coming though...

just saw a couple kits being parted-out on ebay... and the guy appears to be an....

toyranosaur 07-31-2014 09:35 AM

NitroMaster is a turd! A customer says "I'm not happy" & he replies "Sound like a personal problem"! Dang. Chris REC

GULA 08-01-2014 12:37 AM

I've bought many many parts off him and not once had any issues. Probably 20 + transactions worth $3-400

OldSchoolRC1 08-01-2014 06:28 AM

Opened my box last night and just ogled the parts for about 1/2 an hour. :)

Later I found a LeMans05 in my parts pile....think I know where that's going!

Arcocustom 08-02-2014 06:39 PM

3 neg and 2 neutrals in the month of july alone... pass

No need to get burned. Parts are arriving now. Got my black tub & wing today..

Nice. Mines is still sealed. Went ahead and got a black tub, wing, & turbo bumper for it though... stuck on motor and esc options ATM. Got a new servo on hand. Decided on a 2.4 reciever... now what motor ??? I do have a 6 turn Astro Flight.. hmmm

Suprachrgd82 08-27-2014 11:11 PM

Suprachrgd82 08-30-2014 10:39 PM

Building a hopped up Scorpion is getting expensive;

Kyosho has released only some of the items on the Option Parts list. HG shocks are out, but require longer shock towers, which are not yet released. The carbon fiber shock towers I initially got will be spares after the HG shocks arrive. A longer set has been ordered from

My kit was missing a grub screw from the front trailing arm mount. So, it makes sense to get the nice billet mounts on ebay from dwyz250. Of couse the mathing billet rear trailing arm mounts are a fantastic accompanyment to the front.

The Tomahawk style electronics tray has to be added to match the carbon fiber.

And who can resist Rogue Element wheels with RC4wd tires.

MIP's Ultima RB diff is smooth as butter. But it doesnt come with the center bolt or T-nut. And the T-nut from other kits doesn't fit. Logically, the answer is to get the Kyosho RB diff.

Yes, I bought all this stuff and its not even half way assembled. Steep learning curve with the aftermerket parts.

Suprachrgd82 09-05-2014 10:11 PM

Arcocustom 09-26-2014 10:30 AM

come on man

has 79 items in stock now for the 2014 scorpion. Talked to the distributer on the phone a couple of days ago and he stated that he is having trouble getting some of the option parts in-stock. In particular are the led lights, moulded carbon fiber chassis pieces, and the universal driveshafts. He has them ordered but has no idea on their availability or an ETA.

I actually bought a few things from Jason's store jr-rc on ebay and he only shipped TWO of them. The SCW004 Kyosho Scorpion 2014 Carbon Servo Saver Mount is the part that has me stumped here. Saw it. Bought it. Was not delivered. Now Jason will not answer my messages either. I got to searching and there are none to be found anywhere else either. During my search I noticed that there may be a flaw with the part...???

...this is the photo of the item that was purchased.

countersunk hardware, but no countersunk mounting holes... for $53.00. :nice: ... and it did not ship. I did not get a refund either. I am not getting any answers as well... lovely.

Also, when I was building my kit, one of the "arm mount spacers (upper link mount)" pivot ball mounting hole was stripped. I had to drill and tap it to 3mm to make it work. As an added bonus, the wheels in the kit were scratched all to death and had to be replaced too.

In addition, there is a terrible binding issue going on with the rear suspension and driveline.

I had to LIGHTLY file the flashing from the inside of the pivot area on the swing arms...

.... and grind the inside of the drive cups on the diff because they are perfectly flat instead of cupped. smh :puke:

there is also a problem with where the front shock towers mount onto the chassis rails...

Because they are made from straight bar stock and then bent, the rails are deformed at the bend, and the shock mounts will not sit flush. A drift file fixes this, but this is more work for you, the builder. Once you get that taken care of, you will want to cut some 2mm or 3mm spacers to shim the front shock mounts outwards to get some more clearance for the body to fit....

So, that is what I have to share. Hope this post was helpful to some of ya'll. Best of luck with the builds fellas. - Arco

Arcocustom 09-26-2014 02:04 PM

Banzai Hobbies.. come on man

Forgot to add that I had placed an order with another online retailer inb Japan and they only sent one of the 5 items that were ordered and it cost 12 dollars to ship.... it has yet to arrive. :banghead: It looked promising. It was not. I did however receive a refund for what they did not have which is more than I can say for the "other guy".


... waited in vain to get some stuff made locally so there would not be this much a problem, but sadly that somehow fell on through. Maybe next time...

toyranosaur 09-26-2014 02:40 PM

So, all one need do is not answer Emails & one gets to keep $$ without shipping product? I have a new time-saving & profitable business model! :bacondance:

I thought the 1st guy was reputable, even if he's out with something there should be someone to send a form email or such. This seems to happen a lot in R/C, or maybe I just notice it since R/C boards are what I read. That sucks, takes a lot of the fun out of dressing up your new car; It seems you're not alone from posts all over the place. Nothing worse that just NOT KNOWING what's up, all the worst-case scenarios start immediately. Chris REC

Arcocustom 09-26-2014 03:40 PM


I thought the 1st guy was reputable too. I have purchased 2014 Scorpion stuff from him before. He sold two of the SCW004 mounts on ebay.

Wondering if both have somehow vanished? When I talked to the US distributer he said the folks in Japan are instructed by Kyosho to NOT ship items to the USA. He said it was a major problem of his right now but no one (in japan) seems to take it seriously. He has hundreds of each piece on order but no eta.

Maybe by christmas i said... :o


I did see some Rouge Elements schtuff mounted on a scorp and I thought the complimented the model well. I was watching the roof panels and I made a mistake and forgot to buy one... my bad. The knock-offs are a nice compliment to the wheels IMHO as well.

toyranosaur 09-26-2014 04:44 PM

I just don't get the "This country gets NO toy car parts but that one does" stuff.....We're not at war with Japan, and they seem to like us, which is getting rarer by the day. If a company has distribution set up for the US, why on Earth would they sell cars but only certain parts? "You deserve the colored body tubs, but WHOA on them shocks!" :banghead:

I am of the opinion, right or wrong, that a handful of chaps are into the car and as the threads are pretty dead no more REC Scorpion parts will be made. This bums me out a lot, I really dig doing parts I wanna do (For cars I own :nice:) The ones discussed in the thread previously woulda been great. But PM me on a roof Mate. No knockoffs sadly! Chris REC

Arcocustom 09-26-2014 05:00 PM

yeah, the goodies used to be impossible to get from Japan... you had to literally know someone that lived there... the computer makes it easier, but you still need them to help by fulfilling the order and such.

I have a build going right now that is comprised almost entirely from aftermarket parts for the Scorpion, Tomahawk & Turbo Scorpion.

An engraved roof panel would make a nice addition to the parts pile. I alredy have 5 sets of the spinners from back-in-the day. I believe it was a buy 4 get one free type dealy... Thank You for the offer toyranosaur. I reckon you will be needing my addy.

PM sent. :)


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