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frizzen 08-10-2019 08:29 PM

AMC Pacer 1975-77 in 1/16 scale
The guys in my little town just keep finding odd little 1/16 scale cars they think they need to build. This will play with the 1/14 Tamiya semis.

How about a 1975-77 AMC Pacer

These were made about 2007 by MotorMax as part of their 'fresh cherries' line. It was available in this red, or silver, blue, yellow.

It's a mild custom that has big&little tires, and louvers on the back windows. as well as removable plate bumpers under the scale body bumpers

They had also made a 1/16 Ford Pinto i forget it it had either a cowl hood or an engine poked through the hood. Or some 1/10 cars that looked goofy.

2redrovers 08-11-2019 04:07 AM

I see the Kombi managed to tow the new car home... Must have been a downhill trip :p

Looks pretty cool in its natural surroundings, I do like the red :cool:

frizzen 08-11-2019 11:23 PM

I picked up ALL of the 4 colors of this car from an AMC collector, all still New In Box! Catch me at the Lebanon, IN scale Truck & Construction meet if you'd like one. Silver, Yellow, Blue are unclaimed.

The Kandy Red spoke louder to my wife, so let's build!

Drop the car off at the mechanic with some parts.
It got a Chineseieum esc, Towerpro sg90 plastic gear servo, 2 ch rx, and a 4 cell nimh rx pack.

Little while later he backs it down off the ramps.

Due to the bumper mounting, its easier to gut the battery box and use a 4AA rx battery pack in there, rather that fiddle with everything and screws each battery change.

Lighting would be a challenge since it's painted chrome instead of lenses.

Some say it stands for 'American Motor Corporation' some say it's actually 'All Makes Combined'. All we know is it's weird.

2redrovers 08-12-2019 04:10 AM

Hehe it's the 70s... It's all disco baby... Don't worry about headlights, just string up the disco ball and flashing neons under the skirts..... And shag pile seat covers

frizzen 08-12-2019 08:12 PM

Glad it's growing on ya a little. The red was by far the most impressive color, and i like the other colors more than red... That's why my trailers got the hitch adapters, they dragged it home behind the dumptruck.

Chassis upgrade mods were pretty minor.
I chopped the top off of steering gearbox just aft of steering rack, drilled the rack for a servo case screw. Trimmed some steering travel limiters down. Servo tapes to top plate, long screw goes through servo arm for direct steering.
Gutted battery compartment, chopped hole in top of that for battery connections.
Stock motor leads got a connector soldered on.

Disco balls, flashing neons, and shag in cars were a thing? Glad i missed out then.

It was the car of the future. "You can drive like it's 1980, today"

2redrovers 08-13-2019 10:55 PM

I think I'm glad that future is in the past...... Although I would like to go back to the future that they had in the 50s/60s. So many cool things that could have happened and didn't.

frizzen 08-14-2019 08:09 PM

I'm NOT so sure it's really the "past-future".
We've got plenty of strange looking bubble cars. Lots of stuff is too heavy / overbuilt for safety because there's no telling what the next gov mandate will involve. Lots of cars that don't seem built for the engines they had crammed in it....

"Marty, i told you quit screwing around with the Time Machine! You'll cause time branches that send untold problems rippling through the world!"

Against. The. Wall.

Boy, you in a heap of trouble...

2redrovers 08-14-2019 11:29 PM

"Is there a problem officer?"
"Are you aware that you were going 17mph below the limit?"


frizzen 08-15-2019 06:23 PM

You're harsh man. I figured it'd be more like plate violation, failure to signal, or something.
"When you went around that corner, one of your tail lights started flickering"

Yeah... might have a point though.
It looks like the (3425 lbs) Pacer had either a 3 or 4 speed trans with options like:
standard 90hp, straight-six engine (3.8 liter)
larger 95hp, straight-six, with a one-barrel carb
two-barrel, 120hp version of the straight six
Or last couple years there was a 304-cu v8, so a 401(6.6 liter) big block would fit and let you crank up power to whatever level ya want.

Kind of a shame there wasn't a Pacer 401-XR, like they did with the Gremlin. They ran a 1/4 mile in the 12s off the lot.

It was designed for a Rotory engine GM was planning and canceled on them, so i'm suprised there don't seem to be people dropping some turbo 3-Rotor blocks Mazdas in these. Either way, you could do a hell of a 'Sleeper' with one.
"I dunno thought they were all like this, i just took the emissions garbage off the engine"

2redrovers 08-16-2019 06:24 AM

Well the copper may have tapped the tail light a little too hard on the way past with the night stick.....

But comic book guy was the first thing I thought of lol.

Mention of gm with a rotary reminded me of the Mazda roadpacer... Holden experimented with selling the kingswood sedan to Japan equipped with a rotary, 13b I think, for a very brief time in order to gain the tech for the rotary engines. Was a dismal failure and probably why your pacer didn't get that engine in the end. I wonder is the 304 was related to the one Holden used? We had a 308 in that era but there was a 304 as well particularly in later models due to racing regulations.

Old Busted Hotness 08-17-2019 03:08 AM

AMC's V8s were their own creation, not related to the GM engines. More like a small Ford with a big casting on the front for timing chain and oil pump, and a front-mounted distributor.

Fun fact: the AMC 360 lived longer than AMC, in production til 1991 in the Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

frizzen 08-20-2019 08:03 PM

Thanks busted.

Most of what i've learned about amc is either from Jeep or rc stuff. But i do know it's probably a good thing they didn't do a 1/16 scale Cherokee (XJ) or an Eagle when they got the Pacer rights.

frizzen 08-27-2019 07:49 PM

Somehow reading up about the Pacer and AMCs turned into one of the strange rabbit-holes of the internet...

It brought me full circle to some guy crazy enough to scratch build an AMC Eagle SX-4.

I may have to steal some from the foam body building techniques used there. Maybe even with some headquake kinda woodworking

Old Busted Hotness 08-28-2019 03:04 AM

What kind of idiot would do THAT? :lol:

frizzen 09-02-2019 11:26 PM

Yeah i don't know who else would think AMC stuff is cool.

I took it back out for an outside shake down run, and it really wasn't handling the babyhead rocks (gravel on street and driveway) very well, it was getting bounced all over the place.

Figured it was time to yank the lower plate back off the steering and mess around. I first knocked 0.200" off the steering kingpin tubes, shaved the tierod bar ends and structure a little. Put it back together and dropped some clicky pen springs down the holes. Same ride height, little more compliant over the bumps.

From the text in the box behind the car

"1977 AMC Pacer
The pacer was designed by Richard Teague in 1971 and first produced by amc in 1975. Its
round design was ahead of its time. A total of slightly over 280,000 were made during its 6
model years. It was offered as a comfortable, economy small car with a lot of glass for great
visibility. Very few of these are still running, and the ones that do, are classified as collectables."

Hey, what are those...

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