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LondonF350 12-26-2009 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by I Can Crawl (Post 581308)
Shall someone put together a list then for what frequency people are running on?

Nah..... it'll be ok! :nice: :eek:

Sao 12-26-2009 12:16 PM

yeah I will be there. Hopefully there will be no frequency clashes as my Rx xtal is siliconed and plastidipped in place:rolleyes:
I think Mark's off shopping for a new handbag :P

tempra007 12-26-2009 12:27 PM

I have got 3 leather scale handbags for you, I will bring them to the next meet

I Can Crawl 12-26-2009 02:03 PM

See you tomorrow then guys :p

And Charles i would offer you a lift but it would add like 40 minutes to my journey :banghead: Sorry

grahamg 12-26-2009 03:36 PM

Hi all Have fun tomorrow I'm see family so i can't make it :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
take lots of photo's by the way i've got a camcorder for the next one :) proper filming :)

spitfiremk1uk 12-26-2009 04:27 PM

Sorry guys I cant make this one.

Me and Jai landrover are off roading at whaddon all day sunday.
I take my nieces out for some driving practice.

It is cheaper and more driving time than trialling with a landy club.

I will post a pic or two just to make you jealous. I trust you guys will do the same.
Have fun. :chug:Merry xmas.

loki 12-27-2009 01:48 AM

morni lads we all still up 4 today,i will be there from about 10.30 10.45 see you soon.

LondonF350 12-27-2009 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by loki (Post 581759)
morni lads we all still up 4 today,i will be there from about 10.30 10.45 see you soon.

nice one sam. we are missing a few regulars today.
but i think a couple of new guys are coming.
i'm leaving soon. so i'll see you in a bit. :nice:

I Can Crawl 12-27-2009 02:21 AM

Not 100% sure if i'll be able to come now, i might be a little late :(

airwolfie 12-27-2009 03:01 AM

Me and Sao will be there, just running a bit late!! See you soon!

airwolfie 12-27-2009 09:56 AM

What an AWESOME crawilng place!! Sam, I think you may have found crawler heaven!! A little bit of everything there, rocks(well, concrete rocks!), a river, mud(!!), some nice steep hill climbs, and about 20seconds away from the car park!! What more can you ask for?!?

Took a few snaps, but not many came out good, so here are the best ones. Sao also had Sam's camera strapped to the back, I can't wait to see that vid!!



Yota-cam in action!!

These are the decent pics, there are a few more of mine, but that's it. We were having too much fun crawling about to stop and take pics!!
Leo has more pics I'm sure, and Sam has some editing to do with the video camera!!

Thanks Sam, was a good day out, even the weather was not too bad!:nice:

Sao 12-27-2009 10:08 AM

Yeah that was a realy cool place for trailing.
Highlights for me were getting my yota swept away by the water :p and being camera truck, good fun trying to keep everyone in shot. I just hope the vid turns out ok.
Looking forward to going back there again.
Good to meet sam andy & leo :D

I Can Crawl 12-27-2009 10:14 AM

Don't believe i couldn't come, missed yet another good day out :(

airwolfie 12-27-2009 10:15 AM

LOL I forgot about the Hilux being swept away by the current!! Pity there was no pic of it!! Luckily SOMEONE had wellies to save the day!!:D
Yeah, I almost forgot about meeting Andy, more than happy to expand the ever growing LSTR's!!:chug:

airwolfie 12-27-2009 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by I Can Crawl (Post 581865)
Don't believe i couldn't come, missed yet another good day out :(

Don't worry matey, I'm sure we'll go there again!
You wouldn't like it there anyway, your trainers would have been a natural muddy brown after today!!!:rolling::crazy: Just get yourself some wellies and be done with it!!:smackbutt:

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