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I totally get ya! (especially on the *rolls eyes* thing, hehe)

I run several modified Solidoodle 4 models (all purchased used), a larger kit printer that I built - the Folgertech FT-5, and I have a relative newcomer to the scene - kinda high end, but I am a beta tester for them - PrintIt Industries Horizon. Quite the machine. will run circles around most other printers, speed wise, and still put out high quality prints.

I do run RC stuff for a local guy, he builds custom racing RC's - mostly "monster trucks" but he also does pullers, and a few other things. He has, and knows how to use, Solidworks, so his stuff is usually good to go.
I also do prototyping and stuff for a few others, as well as my own "oh, this looks like fun" stuff, lol. My current project (when I am not printing stuff for others) is the 3D printed Rancher Jeep - some of the parts are a challenge.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing more of this build, I am really intrigued by the scale you chose to go with and all the 3d printed goodies to make it happen. =)
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