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Originally Posted by heartless View Post
yes, printing basically the entire vehicle - aside from screws and bearings, lol

Solidoodles are pretty much run of the mill cartesian style but the 4 is fully enclosed making printing with ABS a cake walk. the company went belly up a few years ago, so no new ones available, only used. They can be made to be super reliable tho.

99% of the printing i do is in ABS - which is why the Rancher is such a challenge.. large parts = long print times = tends to warp with ABS. But, ABS will also hold up much better than PLA will, so yeah.. I am a glutton for punishment, LOL

most of the "big rig" type stuff tends to run in 1/14th scale.. smaller, but not too small - that is why i mentioned being intrigued by the scale. Have often thought about building a 1/10th version of the other half's work truck.. just for kicks.
ABS is my go-to filament for most everything, but I'm lucky here that most of the pieces are relatively small. I had some trouble finding a nice OD green in ABS for a while, so I was stuck using PLA, but then I also had printer problems. Also, as we'll see later, the lift mechanism for the flatrack was too big to print in one piece.

Interesting on the scale; you look at the numbers and think "Oh, 1:14 doesn't sound much off 1:12." (Or 10.7:1 or whatever this crazy Chinese cab kit worked out to.) But when it's a 30-40' long 1:1 like a Kenworth or a HEMTT, yeah, it makes a difference. My wife laughs at me as I tote Frank around the house for testing or photo ops, 'cuz I have to crab-walk sideways through doors.

More to come as I organize pix.

-- A

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