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The 2012 RC4WD cANZ Nationals have been run and won!

We had to call on our rain day, for Saturday was pure misery. However, Sunday was awesome. Mild temperature, good sun light and only a little wind for a coastal headland.

I really want express my, Crawl Australia / New Zealand's and all the entrants gratitude to RC4WD for being the naming sponsor again and providing a lush booty of prizes for Scale 1 and 2.

On a personal note, I had a mixed bag day. Blew a course each in SC1 and 2, but managed to pull a decent run on Class 1 Course 2 with the mostly box stock Trail Finder 2 to get 3rd over all in C1.

Here are the course results:

Here is the gaggle shot before the event, thanks to Rino (Rock Mafia) for the photo:

Here are some of the competitors...

.... and 2.2" action, thanks to Steve (LuxemBerg)

I didn't take any photos, as I was filming Scale all day, so I will add more as they are uploaded to cANZ. I'll have the Scale video done in a few days.
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