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Originally Posted by Trini2DBone View Post
Yes the calipers are floating! The caliper mount is attached permanently to the hub. The calipers are then bolted to the mount via shoulder screws which allow the caliper assembly to slide on the shoulder screws ( like in a real car).
The caliper is actuated by a cam ( instead of a piston, but does the same job) which forces the inner pad against the rotor and at the same time pulls on the caliper assembly forcing the outer pad against the rotor at the same time. When the servo is at rest there is a 1mm space shared between both pads and the rotor allowing the disc to spin freely!
Hope that makes sense!
Wow yes it does make perfect sense, I just did not think they would do actual floating calipers in that scale! I am definately interested by your leftovers, I will PM you in a minute haha
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