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thats a nice lil machine.
i chose the cr-10 for its well praised reviews and hugh following with support from the community.
plus i got it shipped $349 in 9 days.....but i was willing to pay $500 if i had to.
every one out there will need tweaking for under $1500.
if you have a chance to get a printer,go for it.....but be sure to spend some time going over its reviews,known problems and parts availability before deciding on a brand.
everywhere on the web the cr-10 is well praised for basic printing.
ive got over 500 hours on mine,no breakdowns....just squealing fans.
go for a printer and go play in tinkercad,signup at thingiverse.
i downloaded cura and learned to use weeks before i bought the printer.
theres also a cr-10 mini,and a few other creality models that are praised.

honest review on the delta,its cool for its price n size.
im gonna fill their tires with diarhea....and litter the street with tacks.kick back and enjoy the show....that will show em!
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