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Badingza! (Portmanteau word combining Badda-Boom, Bingo, & Bazinga.) Very nice Mate: See, contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, I actually DON'T know a lot about every Vintage car, option, mod, history, etc. So posts like this are invalueable!

Lots of great stuff there Arco! It ALL seems doable, providing the want is there, i.e. the first couple items go well. Just what I do, & I like them all: This car is a great candidate for CNC'd goodies.

The rails might look good in a nice 'I'-beam style with holes, I'll wait to see 'em but? The wheels, I gotta be real honest & say that the way I do mine, it'd be hard to make 'em look that nice! I mill mine, which is dandy, but the brushed finish would be difficult to replicate (The stock bass-turds look more like Al. than Al. does, those rotten ....)

I DO need a break, & I'm verty cheesed about this car, so pretty likely soon. Arco, the parts you called 'Arco' parts- Are those made by you, designed by you, or? Nice pieces! Just wanna know 'sup there for my own edification. Again, great time-saving & thought-provoking post! Chris REC
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