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Originally Posted by toyranosaur View Post
Aha!! So I can steal your design, make ONE snigglin' lil' difference, and call it MINE?!?
Go for it. How about a few possibile upgrades to it though?

The stock servo saver is also retained with an E-clip and is non-adjustable. Maybe make the servo saver adjustable..? ...quick adjustable?? ...spring tension to my liking adjustable??

...or perhaps a solid bell crank????? a solid bell crank with multiple mounting holes for the steering rods??

...or maybe just a billet lower half of the servo saver with multiple mounting holes (could/would also work with potential spring tension adjuster & tower brace)

...billet steering spindles that flatten the angle on the steering rods, reducing the bump-steer like on that 1982 Tomahawk world championship car?

The #SC-3 "Arm Shaft Block" is cast aluminum and it has been known to snap right in half sometimes.
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