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Default Small backyard beginnings

I have a very small backyard, as I live in the city. So I have started laying out a 3 foot wide long course that is mostly a scale/crawler type course. It consists of climbing areas and a log bridge, with a dry riverbed that I have just started designing recently. This has been a summer project that the kids have been helping with. I originally started making a 3 jump area for my two big trucks, Traxxas Summit and a Redcat Ground Pounder. I'm very new to the hobby and made a noob mistake of BIGGER IS BETTER!! Turns out that while fun, I like the scale side of things better because I can run them more places. So this course is being designed for the smaller 1.55 and micros. Currently in the process of talking "santa" into one or two of the Orlando models. On to the pictures!

Here is a full course shot:

First climbing spot:

Flat top and down hill is next:

Under the flat top is this pass through that is part of the dry river bed addition:

Then a log bridge-had a limb fall from a tree and break perfectly in half like this:

Other end of the log:

May or may not have taken over an old flower bed for this project, here is the end of the riverbed that has some small rocks for climbing out:

Here is the beginning part of the second climbing section:

These rocks came from the neighbors "junk" pile. They were just going to throw them in the dumpster:

Then the downhill part:

Then the end that I need to figure out what to do with:

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