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Reworked rules

For the Comp on the 25th

Truck Build Points
Which will be Deducted or Added to your Final Overall Score.
And Judged by Myself and 1 Random LSTR member

Hardbody -10
Fully Leafed Rig -10
Driver and Interior -5
Functional Spare Tyre -3
Scale bits -1 (Maximum of -5)
Working Lights Front and Rear -3 Per Set
Scale Fabricated Bumpers Front and Rear -5 Per Bumper
Wheels outside the Body +5 (Judges Discretion on Tubers Truggy's)
Chassis not going over the Axles +10
Running a Working Winch +10 per Winch (but you can use it as much as you like no penalties)
All Recovery Equipement to be Mounted/Carried On Board

Gate Rules

Reverse 1 Free then its a +1( to a Maximum of 3 per Gate)
Hit a Gate +5
Rollover (winch it back no penalty) Human Assistance +5
Human Assistance Reposition +5
Dnf a gate +10 Plus any Penaltys Already accrued (Reverses Touches)

Time Limit to be agreed per Stage Every Minute over Plus 1