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Hello guys, I this month's comp might be my first, so I'm finishing my landy in order to ramp up its scale points but I have a few questions:

1- Is the 2016 the current LSTR comp rules?
2- What's the maximum scale points awarded to class 1?
3- A few weeks ago I received my first set of 4.19" tyres and went to Epping forest for testing. My car is a G2 D90 and I noticed that with this size tyres I really needed to increase the ride height to prevent the tyres from rubbing heavily onto the fender flares. I don't want to go about blindly trimming the body shell and then be kicked out of C1 so better to ask first:

As I understood from the SORRCA rules set, which btw, is very difficult to understand, specially because eng is not my 1st language; it's filled with grammatical errors and jargons, like the example below:

• The vehicles body must be mostly intact. Only mild trimming such as flairs & removing a hardtop are allowed.
According to Oxford dictionary:

‘Flair’ or ‘flare’? What's the difference?

Although pronounced identically, flair and flare have different meanings. So what is the difference? The following explanation and quiz should give you a flair for telling the difference between the two.

Flair is a noun and means 'a natural ability or talent', as in:

She had a flair for languages.

None of us had much artistic flair.

Flare however can appear as a noun and a verb. The noun can mean a number of things, in particular:

A burst of light or flame – the flare of a match
a device used to produce a flame – a distress flare
a sudden burst of emotion – a flare of rage
A sudden recurrence of an inflammation or other medical condition – a flare up of eczema
A sudden explosion in the chromosphere and corona of the sun or another star – a solar flare
Illumination on film caused by internal reflection in a camera – a lens flare
Trousers whose legs get progressively wider from the knees down – a pair of flares
An upward and outward curve of a ship's bows, designed to throw the water outwards when in motion
I assume that the sorrca guy meant trimming the flares, fender flares, (not the flairs!) although I can't be 100% sure cause "flairs" could still be a jargon for something else like plastic rivets left over from the injection molding or...who knows?

So, am I allowed to trim the fender flares of my D90 to better fit the new tyres? If so, how much?

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