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Ok sounds cool My matador needs some work mainly a new low draw motor I can't remember how many stick packs I went through last time. Plus it needs some bodywork and paint before next outing. Not sure when I'm gonna find time so I will say I'm a mabe for the net outing.


Whaddon is a place near Milton Keynes:

Its turn up pay 20 per vehicle no rules no regulations and no insurance just a huge site to drive around (slide around) and do what you want. Myself and Spitfiremk1uk go there to teach our neices how to drive. The eldest neice is 17, middle one 15 and the youngest is 11. Last outing was more about getting stuck in for me than training the girls but Spitfiremk1uk and our old man took the girls around while I messed about with some mates trying the harder stuff and recovery of others that really got it wrong. There are no rules and there are idiots everywhere but its alot of fun for not alot of money and quite local to us. It would be a great place for RC's but I dont think the farmer would be interested. Its all about the cash for him.

Mabe somone could mail him asking to go next time its on and go hide in a corner somwhere but its down to him.