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Originally Posted by Frederik View Post
Yes that would definately be a coolmadd on to the front strut. I think if i do I will probably try a home made one. The brake attachment would be easily integrated to one of the two sandwitched plates by making the plate wider. The challenge will be the space, especially with the m-chassis wheels!

I might start as is with rear brakes only (wooohooo hand brake mayhem lol) but I will at least think of how to do it in the process. And you never know with these projects, I might end up integrating them sooner than later!

I have a set of the chinese disk brakes (cosmetic only). They dont fit very well at all, they tend to make the wheel wobble or mis-centered. The hex and the axle pin receptacle is fairly sloppy and the tolerances are high. Also the dont fit with half the wheels I have (some wheels hit the disk and if you keep tightening you bend the rotors, happened on one of them). If I am going to do the brakes, not sure if I would base them on these cheap disks... Mjght look at the better ones like yours. Do they seem to fit snugly over the axle and pin? Is the hex a pretty tight fit with the wheels too?
Yes they are spot on for the axles and the pin. They also come with an o- ring that fits on the axle after you install the the disc. It fits into a space recessed into the hex, this O- ring keeps the entire disc from sliding on the axle! And the hex fits like a regular Tamiya hex i.e perfectly!
I will post up a pic in a couple of minutes so you can see what I mean....also, the disc were a set of 4. 2 front and 2 rear! the fronts being larger were perfect for my application so I still have the second set of the rear discs. I will measure them up and you can check the inner diameter of the mini wheels when you get them. I also bought spare calipers and brake pads so I could also assemble one and see how it fits on the smaller discs. If it looks like it may fit your application, I'm sure we can work something out!
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