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Can I have the blazer back.....
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Originally Posted by 25aniv View Post
"Not much to update on the blue bug. stalled on rear deck.
Very complicated and I can't get an idea yet on construction. 3 failed attempts so far."

Pfft, you just figured out three ways not to make the rear deck. There, that sounds better

Kamtec you say. From the pic that is a great looking body. I'm sure you'll come up with some cool ideas for it
Originally Posted by Bullitt View Post
Ahahaha.. Thanks guy's
I did actually go down to the man cave last night and look at this critter...
And really eyeballed the 27 "T" car build.. Thinking I may actually have some time this weekend to sit down and concentrate on one or the other.
My goals for this year are to finish builds...ahhahaha.
Your patients are greatly appreciated.
Might have a plan on getting that rear deck for bug built. Found some better pics on google.
Walking the fine line between Realistic scale and RC functionality..
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