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Default Ohio Scale Trail Adventure Series

We tried a new comp format today Brought a couple guys from TSC up from Cowlumbus (had to drag EeePee out of bed to do it) and ran the first installment of what we're calling the Ohio Scale Trail Adventure Series.

Buddy system, 2 trucks per team, or you can "ironman" it by going alone.

No reverse penalties, and winching is pretty much mandatory the way the courses are set up.

NO TOUCHING! You can touch the truck to attach a tow rope or hook up the winch, but that's it. no rollovers, no repo's. Doing so incurrs a time penalty.

Timed event. NickRummy and I completed the course in 49 minutes. Others were faster or slower. But we DNF'd when my battery puked at the last gate

Staggered start, 5 minutes apart. We ran into a traffic jam on the trail when the first team out couldn't make a gate, and we all had to pass them.

The only penalties are gate markers, touching and unsportsmanlike conduct. Three of the latter DQ's the team.

We had craptacular weather, 45 degrees and pouring rain. But nobody wimped out

Overall, this was an awesome way to run a comp. Sort of a combination gated comp and trail ride. We'll be doing it again

Stu I updated your post..
official rules and some early series info things may change before the first series event.

The goal of the Ohio Scale Adventure Series is to make challenging all terrain courses that span long lengths of terrain and require team coordination to complete. It will test vehicle and driver endurance, vehicle performance and take strategies to conquer obstacles. The only time driver to vehicle interaction will be permitted is for attaching tow hooks. If your truck rolls over or gets stuck, it is up to your team mate’s vehicle to right you.

Vehicle Requirements for 1.9 and 2.2 classes

- All vehicles in 1.9 and 2.2 classes will be required to carry a tow strap and/or a winch.
- All vehicles will require number plates on door panels (Number plates will be supplied and size TBD)

Vehicle Specifications for 1.9 and 2.2 classes

- Vehicle specs will be used from the Scale4x4 Rules vehicle specifications.

Team Requirements and Series Standings

- Teams must fill out and complete registration form found “here”
- Registration fee is $30 per team of two for the entire series of 4 events
- 1st through 3rd places at end of series will receive prizes (TBD)
- Teams must consist of trucks of the same class.
- Teams who do not pre-register for the series will be permitted to complete for a $10 fee per event. They will not be eligible for series prizes.
- IRONMAN, solo runners are allowed and will run in there appropriate class, by the same rules as teams..(this will be Very hard)

Series Format and Course Designs

- A course will be laid out with numbered gate marker flags. The numbers will represent the order in which the gates must be cleared.
- There is no limit on course design. Courses will consist of multiple types of terrain including but not limited to water crossings, mud crossings, extreme climbs and descents, and off camber situations that a single truck might not be able to clear.
- Vehicles will use a staggered start. Teams will be allowed to start 5 minutes after previous team.
- There will not be a penalty for vehicle repairs but time will not stop.
- There will be a judge appointed to each team to be sure teams obey gate marker boundaries and keep track of time.
- Team with quickest time will be the event winner.
- Ramping is permitted however,, ramps must be carried on the trucks.
- All equipment must be carried on vehicles. Straps, ramps, snatch blocks, cables, ETC..
- Both vehicles on a team must clear a gate in the order intended before progressing to the next gate.
- Gates are cleared when all 4 wheels pass through it.
- Event winner will receive 1 point for their series standings. The place you finish will determine your series standings score. (2nd place gets 2 points, 3rd place gets 3 points etc etc...) After the 4 events all scores will be added to determine the series winner. Lowest total score wins. A final course will be designed to break tie scores.
- all hookups of winch's straps, removal of ramps should be called before touching the truck... simply call out hooking up before you touch anything...

Scoring and Sportsmanship

- Gate marker penalty - 3 minutes.
- Boundary marker penalty – 3 minutes
- Vehicle Touch – 5 minutes
- Failure to show Sportsmanship (vehicles passing, etc...) - 5 minutes (3 penalties will result in DQ)
- purposeful gate or boundary bypassing(no straddling gates, or short cutting the course.) - DQ

current dates and general location
6/20 akron(nelsons ledges)
7/18 columbus
8/15 akron(ellet)
9/26 columbus

registration :
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It is fun. The failures are just practice.

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