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FSTR Florida Scale Trail Runners

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Default Ultimate Adventurer Challenge


Ultimate Adventurer Challenge


NewRed Hobbies
Ocala, FL 34475

6 Month Series with 1 drop out
Feb 17 Sunday Test Feller
March 17
April 21
May 19
June 16
July 21
August 18
Time: gate's open 8am sign in will be 8:30 to 9:30 run time will be 10am


Rules & Guidelines:
No running allowed on the course. (A slow jog or fast walking to keep up with the vehicle is not considered running.) Running the course will result in a DNF for that team/solo driver. (There is absolutely NO penalty for REVERSING, PASSING, OR SELF RECOVERY in this event.) This is a challenge not a foot race and we want it to be a safe experience for everyone…

Drivers: (Will be allowed to catch their rigs in the event to avoid excessive damage or total loss. A 10 minute Hand of God penalty will be issued by the Trail Bossing Team.) This can never be used as a strategic move on the course.

Judging System & Race Format:
1 Team at a time will leave the starting line 3 minutes apart. They will be followed by their paired Trail Boss Team on foot.
The Trail Boss Team is exactly what it sounds like. Each team is paired up randomly with another team.
When one team is running the other is Judging/trail bossing.
Another option for the Trail Bossing Team is to have one team mate in the pits and one team mate in the field judging the paired team.
This is a timed event. Best time with the least penalties and the most points wins.

Mandatory Event Items:
1.Tow Strap

Vehicle Specs: (Scale Rigs Only)


4 wheel steering: yes
Dig units: yes

Winching Guidelines:
All natural anchors or recovery gear

Ground anchors will be set when natural anchor or recovery gear are not possible or available. PullPal or self recovery anchors are RECOMMENDED.
All recovery gear must be carried on the vehicle at all times when not in use of recovery. NO HAND OF GOD except when there is no other choice in excessive damage or total loss of your vehicle. NO SHOE LACE WINCHING NO JUDGE WINCHING ALLOWED. There is NO penalty for self recovery in this event.

Ground Anchors include:
Pullpals, custom ground anchors of all sorts, screw drivers, hex drivers, fishing hooks, custom winch hooks…etc.. All anchors and recovery gear must be carried on the vehicle at all times when not in use of recovery.

Applied Ground Anchor Pressure:
Pressure by hand is only allowed to secure the ground anchor when a natural or set ground anchor is not available and there in no “crack in the rock” or a team mate vehicle is not heavy enough. A team vehicle can always be used as a ground anchor and may have pressure applied to support a team vehicles weight during recovery. One of the team or another competitor vehicle can also park on the said anchor to secure it.

Please try to avoid these methods at all times in order to keep the scale realism of this event. Blatant miss use could result in a DNF…

Trail Marker Rules:
NO Revering through the TM

All Trail Markers must be cleared by both vehicles any team member can progress. All 4 tires of each vehicle must clear past the TM.
(PENALTY FOR TOUCHING OR REVERSING THROUGH THE TM 2 MINUTE ADD ON) Each vehicle in the team that touches the marker can only be penalized twice per marker flag (4 min. per vehicle per TM). Just make it and clear the gate as a team. No straddling of gates.

This is a smart driving event your winch may be your last resort or it could be the only way threw also us your buddy system team work equals win.

SOLO Driver Finishes:
If your team mate for some reason can not make it the rest of the way. Then the trail boss will take note of were you are (TM number) and the TM’s missed by your team mate will be counted (+1 min for every gate missed) your team can still finish but it will hurt you a little finishing is better then nothing…

Trail Repair Guidelines:

Trail repairs are always allowed on course at all events. (Vehicles should be pulled off to the side of the course for repairs.) A driver can leave to get supplies while leaving a teammate with the vehicles on course if they wish to progress from the point of break down. If the damage is to extensive to fix on the trail and the vehicle/vehicles need to be removed from the course in order to be fixed, than the driver/drivers have the option to go “BACK TO THE SHOP”. Once the team is back under its own power they have to DRIVE their vehicles back to the point of break down. The main course does not have to be followed and a faster more direct route that does not interfere with other driver’s progression of the course is allowed and highly recommended.

Progression Points:
Each TM is considered a progression point of the course. (If the course has 100 TM and the team or solo driver has finished the course, than each driver will receive 100 progression points for that event / course finish. This also applies to those drivers who only make it 50 TM, and have to leave the race.
Whatever TM each driver makes it to if unable to progress any further or finish the course will be marked down on their score sheet as there final progression point of that course equaling 50 progression points for that driver and they will receive a set maximum course finish.)

Course Time:
This is also a timed event. Teams will receive a set time and will be racing against the clock as well as other teams. The clock will stop once the last team mate crosses the finish line. This affects the team and will be recorded as both drivers time for that course. Driver skill, trail knowledge, team work, trail penalties, and pure luck will determine a team’s overall finish time.

Course Penalties:
1.Trail Marker: Vehicle hit/touch of TM = 2 min. penalty

Reversing through TM is not allowed and should be marked as a 2 min. TM penalty as well. (TM markers read numbers always to your right.)

Each TM hit/touch = 2 min add on to the total course time. 4 min max.
per driver/ per TM. Each driver can only receive a penalty twice per TM.
Winch lines DO NOT COUNT as a vehicle touch, a driver should not be penalized for his or her winch line touching the TM while in use or any other time. Remember, that each driver of a team has to clear each gate before progressing to the next. If a driver progresses through 2 TM with out there team mate it will count as a 2 min TM penalty and should be marked as a TM penalty on the score card/sheet. Bypassing a TM is not allowed and will result in a DNF.

Hand of God: (H.O.G) = 10 min penalty. (THIS SHOULD BA A LAST RESORT ONLY)

This is only for that last resort to catch your vehicle before it is subjected to complete and total loss or destruction. This should not be used as a common practice during a simple too bad roll over... Each time this is used for each driver it will add 10 min every time. (The Hand of God can never be used as a way to cross the finish line or as a strategic move during any event.)

D.N.F: (did not finish)

This is exactly what it sounds like. When a driver or drivers cannot complete the course they receive what is called a D.N.F. and mark down their last point of progression (TM). A TM section can never be bypassed. The action will result in a DNF for that driver and team.

Scale Points:
Any and all sale points will help the driver and there team as add points for the cousre over all score.

Scale Points:
All and any scale points will be add bonus points to the teams over all score they will be added up at tech the morning of the event and will be given to each driver so the have the number of points for the trail boss to add to there score sheet…

Scale Points are as followed :
Bed :
• Tube bed OR Flat Bed: metal -3, plastic -1
• Bed mounted headache rack or roll bar: metal -2 Plastic -1

Truggy & back halved truck
•Truggy/back halved truck: metal -4, plastic -2
(Must replace the ladder frame from the rear of the skid Min. to the back of the rear axles pumpkin or beyond to be legal.. Must have a roll bar hoop. Must have integrated shock mounts. Must be a structural part of the rear of the vehicle. (If your bed does not meet ALL of the preceding criteria, it does not count as a truggy bed)).

Tuber: metal -8, plastic -4
A tuber consists of a complete body structure where the front, cab, and rear sections are comprised entirely of structural tube work.
• Rigid Metal/plastic body panels -1

Interior cage or exo-cage: (-3 metal -1 Plastic) per row of seats protected. (Must have down bars and cross bars in front & behind each row.)

Tube accessories
• Sliders: (both sides) metal -3, plastic -1
• Tube fenders: Metal -1 per pair
• Integrated tube shock mounts: metal -1 (per pair)

• Hard body: full -8, Cab -4
• Drop bed : -3
• Complete Custom built body: (metal or hard plastic, no lexan) full -4, Cab -2 (in addition to hard body points)
• Inner fender wells: -1 per pair

Bumpers (items must be chassis mounted and separate from the body)
• Bumpers : metal -3 each , plastic -1 each
• Stinger/grill guard: -1
• Spare tire carrier (must be bumper mounted): -1

Exterior roof rack / light bar (may only choose one)
• roof rack: metal: -2, plastic -1
• Roof top light bar : metal -1

• 3D interior: 2 seat -3, 4 seat -4, SUV cargo area -1.
• 2D/half interior: 2 seat -1, 4 seat -2.
• Realistic Scale Human figures: full(knees up) -2, part -1(torso up) (max 2 figures)

Suspension/Drive train/Steering:
• Leaf springs (front/rear): -3 ea, -7 both.
• Multiple axles: 3 driven axles -3, 4 (or more) driven axles -5
• Chassis mounted steering servo: -5 (front) rear -2 (Class 3 only)
• Transfer case: -4.
• 3D engine: -4.

Realistic exterior items (max -6 pts): Items that are non functional but you would see on a trail truck
• Fuel cell, exhaust, jerry can, hubs on all wheels, steering stabilizer, disc/drum brakes on all wheels, mirrors(2), wipers(2), antenna, license plate, Fire extinguisher, trail tools (Hi-lift jack, etc.)first aid, Etc. -1 each

Functional items (max -8 pts):
• Tow strap, -D-ring, Pull Pal, sand ladder, hitch, Etc. -1 each
• Headlights(2) and taillights(2) -2
• Winch -2 Each
• Full size spare tire. -3

no more then 40 scale points will be given for any vehicle.

I also have score sheets if any one wants one just pm me with email addy
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