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Old 11-03-2017, 10:50 PM
Stephennclark Stephennclark is offline
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Default HSP Pangolin upgrades - body, tyres, shocks, speed

I am new to crawling and got a HSP Pangolin for my grandson last year.
Iíve noticed a few initial problems that Iíd like to rectify as we are starting to get out and play with it together a lot more now.

1. Body fouling the arches (Jeep Wrangler body)
1. Iíve tried cutting the arches a bit but it seems they need cutting off a lot more than I want.
2. I tried smaller tyres but the ground clearance is too low and the bumpers catch. I actually went for 1.9Ē tyres but they are only 93mm diameter instead of 125mm. Iíll probably get some super swampers or mud slingers
3. I believe I need to limit the shock travel but canít find any sites showing how to do it, can anyone give me some instructions?
4. It would actually be nice to get a better fitting body as the standard wrangler has 240mm arches centre to centre but the wheelbase is actually 330mm
2. Suspension leans to one side
1. Iíve seen people recommending putting the motor on the other side of the spur gear which seems simple so Iíll give that a go to limit torque twist.
2. Putting spacers on the spring on the soft side to firm / push it up. but that seems like half baked solution as the shocks would be unbalanced so...
3. I wondered about better shocks. Wouldnít mind some anodised alloy threaded adjustable shocks. Would that solve the lean?
4. Iíve also seen people adjusting shock angles but that seems a bit extreme with cutting lower arms.
5. Some people seem to be really proud of their SCX10 conversions which have upright shocks, but even with a second hand chassis from eBay or gumtree it will be an expensive solution I think.
3. Speed
1. The standard Pangolin runs at about slow walking pace and while itís a crawler my grandson would like a little more speed as he drives it on gravel trails at full speed. Fast waking pace would do, I donít want to destroy itís crawling ability so would a different size pinion do the job?
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Old 11-20-2017, 12:14 AM
dallen dallen is offline
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Howdy! How's your project so far? The adjustable shocks may help a lot on the suspension.
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Old 11-21-2017, 12:36 PM
Stephennclark Stephennclark is offline
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Hi @dallen. A few updates. I think the lean is purely down to the battery being on one side of the chassis. The new 313mm Wrangler unlimited 5 door jeep body arrived today and looks a good fit albeit I havenít cut the body out yet but can see that the chassis is slightly longer (330mm) than the wheel arches. I can also see that the standard 2.2 tyres are way too big for the arches but Iíve not ordered 1.9s yet, well not replacement 110-120mm ones, I still have the incorrectly ordered 93mm ones on. I read the box and the motor seems to be a brushless one, Iíll have to confirm by reading the manual. There is a parcel at the post office to collect that contains a 16T and 17T pinion and the HSP RC4 chassis rails ($17) so I have somewhere to mount the front and rear bumpers to. I thought they were cheap but realise I havenít factored in the chassis brace rails or bumper mounting end plates so a bit more $ to spend yet on top of the rails. Iím also looking for a set of 5 tyres as we want to mount a spare on the back bumper. Iíve been looking for Axial Maxxis Trepador tyres either on regular deadbolt rims glued on or on beadlocks. Even for a set of 5 possibly copy Super swampers on alloy beadlocks from China via eBay weíre looking at about $150. Have seen a set of 4 Trepador glued on deadbolt rims for $70 though from USA so may end up down that route.
Once the chassis rails are on it will also still need shock towers $18 eBay and body posts $5 and Iíd like magnetic posts so no holes in the body. So the parts list is racking up. Oh and metal front and rear bumpers are coming in at about $30-40 plus side sills $30 unless I get plastic scx10 ones at $15. Off to get paint tomorrow 2 metallic colours, silver to back it, matt black and smoke tint all at $12 a can. This is getting silly. Look mint when done though.

Oh, and then there is the roof rack and light bar and head / tail light set
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